NOTICE DATE:  March 11, 2008

NOTICE TYPE:  M-B031108-01   Operations


SHORT DESCRIPTION:  System Wide Offer Cap

INTENDED AUDIENCE:  All Market Participants

DAY AFFECTED:  March 8, 2008

LONG DESCRIPTION:  Pursuant to P.U.C. SUBST. R. 25.505(g)(6)(C), ERCOT changed the high system-wide offer cap (HCAP) to $2,250 per megawatt hour (MWh) on March 1, 2008. 

On Tuesday, March 4, 2008 ERCOT performed a planned site failover test of its Energy and Market Management Systems (EMMS) from Austin to Taylor.  During the process, the Scheduling, Pricing, and Dispatch Options (SPDOPTS) file that contained the parameters for the Market Clearing Engine (MCE) reverted back to the pre-March 1, 2008 Balancing Energy Bid Cap of $1,500 for Balancing Energy Service (BES) bids and Shadow Price Cap of $2,500.  One interval was affected by the reversion on the Operating Day of March 8, 2008 before the reversion was identified. 

The problem was resolved by 11:20 A.M. on Monday, March 10, 2008 to reflect the proper Balancing Energy Bid Cap of $2,250 for BES bids and a Shadow Price Cap of $5,600.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  ERCOT plans to file a Notice of P.U.C. Substantive Rule violation on March 12, 2008 with the PUCT.

CONTACT:  If you have any questions, please contact your ERCOT Account Manager. You may also call the general ERCOT Client Services phone number at (512) 248-3900 or contact ERCOT Client Services via e-mail at [log in to unmask].

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