NOTICE DATE:  March 11, 2008

NOTICE TYPE:  W-A031108-01   Resettlement


SHORT DESCRIPTION:  ERCOT has resettled Operating Day August 21, 2006

INTENDED AUDIENCE:  QSE Settlement Personnel

DAY AFFECTED:   Operating Day August 21, 2006

LONG DESCRIPTION:  One or more QSEs filed an Alternative Dispute
Resolution for Operating Day August 21, 2006 that were subsequently
granted by ERCOT. The affected charge types will be included in a
Resettlement Statement as indicated in the table below:

Affected Operating Day

August 21, 2006

Description of reason for Resettlement


Affected Settlement Charge Types


Resettled Billable Quantity, if known

Varies by settlement interval

Resettled Price, if known

No change in prices.

Total Resettled Amount by Charge Type, if known

BENA                     (157.60)

LI                              190.25

RI                             (32.25)

LAOOM                5,145.01

PCOOM              (5,144.88)

USRP                      395.72

UCRP                     (395.66)

Publication Date of Previous Settlement Statement

February 19, 2007

Publication Date of Resettlement Statement

March 11, 2008

Invoice Date of Resettlement Statement

March 20, 2008


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