NOTICE DATE:  October 1, 2010      

NOTICE TYPE:  R-C10012010-01  Informational:  TX SET Change Controls

SHORT DESCRIPTION:  TX SET Change Controls for TX SET 4.0


LONG DESCRIPTION:  The Texas Standard Electronic Transaction (TX SET) Working Group is currently gathering requirements for a release of TX SET version 4.0 and will be accepting all new change controls through October 29, 2010.

A copy of the Change Control Form can be found under the Key Documents on the Texas Standard Electronic Transaction Guides pages at:

Please submit any new Change Controls to [log in to unmask] for changes to be added to the next TX SET release.

A TX SET Change Control Conference Call will occur on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 1:00 pm. The following Change Controls will be discussed:

New Change Controls to be discussed:

ChangeControl2008-726Revised PUCT Subs. Rule 25.181 allows for the breakout of the Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery Factor (EECRF) from TDSPs base rates. (To be included in 3.0A)

ChangeControl2010-733Discontinue use of the following transactions submitted to ERCOT by a CR: 814_07, 814_09, 814_13, 814_15, 814_19, 814_21, 814_23 & 814_29.

ChangeControl2010-734In order to support the Meter Tampering Rulemaking a new REF segment should be added to the 814_20 to communicate Switch Hold Add and Removal. In addition, a new Reason for Change should be added to REF~TD to communicate change in Switch Hold Status.

ChangeControl2010-735In order to support Meter Tampering, in the event of a Mass Transition, the POLR CR will be notified that an ESI ID had a Switch Hold prior to the Mass Transition in a new REF segment.

ChangeControl2010-736In order to reject a Move In or Switch which currently has a Switch Hold, a new reject code of SHF will be added to the appropriate transactions.

ChangeControl2010-737In order to support the Meter Tampering Rulemaking, changes were added to the 650_01 and 650_02 to communicate Switch Hold Disconnect and Reconnect.

ChangeControl2010-738New Critical Care status designations are required when Critical Care = Y and additional contact information is required for certain Critical Care statuses.

ChangeControl2010-739Changes are required to the 814_PC in order for the TDSPs to receive customer contact information for power outages and service restoration.

ChangeControl2010-740If the 814_27 is received with the REF~1P~HUU (Status Reason) HISTORICAL USAGE UNAVAILABLE, both ERCOT and the requesting CR should close the Business Process Instance (BPI) and the 867_02 transaction should not be expected by the CR or ERCOT.

ChangeControl2010-741Adding a priority code to the 814_24 to allow for same day requests to be processed at a different level from standard Move Outs.

ChangeControl2010-742Addition of a new reject code ACR – Acquisition Cancel Reject to be used when a CR submits an 814_08 on an Acquisition.

ChangeControl2010-743Addition of a new reject code CW1 for use when a CR submits an 814_08 or 814_12 within 1 Retail Business Day of a Scheduled Meter Read Date.

ChangeControl2010-745Add the ability for a TDSP to Complete Unexecutable a Switch.

ChangeControl2010-746TX SET Guide changes by transaction required to support Acquisition Transfer.

ChangeControl2010-747In order to provide REPs information on whether an ESI ID has a provisioned Advanced Meter installed at the premise, a new REF segment will be added to the 814_04, 814_05, 814_22 and 814_20.

ChangeControl2010-748The purpose of this Change Control is to sync the names of the Texas SET Guide transactions, with the names of the transaction in Protocol and the Retail Market Guide. 

ChangeControl2010-749The 810_03 Implementation Guide should be updated to show that for LPC001 – Late Payment, remove the requirement for an Invoice Number (REF~1K segment required when SAC04 = LPC001). 

ChangeControl2010-750The addition of new SAC04 codes to the 810_02 transaction

ChangeControl2010-751Addition of two new reject codes FME (Force Majeure Event) and WTM (Weather Moratorium) to multiple transactions.

ChangeControl2010-752Removal of an incorrect link in multiple Implementation Guides on the location of the ISO Country Codes.

Under Review Change Controls to be discussed:

 ChangeControl2008-722The 650_04 Implementation Guide currently requires Originating Tran ID and Estimated Restoration Date whenever purpose code = ‘79’.  It is actually only required when purpose code = 79 AND Suspension/Reactivation code = RC001. This causes false rejection of 650_04 Reactivate after disconnect for denial of access when Origination Transaction ID and Estimated Restoration Date is not also included.

ChangeControl2008-723Need to add four (4) new SAC04 codes to the Muni/Coop 810_03 INV.  (To be included in 3.0A)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This meeting will be held on October 12, 2010 from 13:00 to 17:00 at the ERCOT MET Center, 7620 Metro Center Drive, Austin, Texas 78744 in conference room 206B.

Those wishing to attend via Web Ex or conference call may do so by following the instructions below.

Meeting information

Topic: TX SET Change Control

Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Time: 1:00 PM, Central Daylight Time


Audio conference information

Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): 1-866-469-3239

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Meeting Password: Txsetcc123!!
Meeting Number: 352 090 086

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