NOTICE DATE:  March 30, 2011

NOTICE TYPE:  M-D033011-01 Operations

SHORT DESCRIPTION:  Settlement Point to be retired from Network Operations Model


DAY AFFECTED:  April 1, 2011
LONG DESCRIPTION:  The Settlement Point JACKCNTY_ALL will be retired with the April 1, 2011, Network Operations Model load. This Settlement Point was non-biddable in the April CRR Auction. Similarly, the Day-Ahead Market (DAM) will exclude bids and offers at this Settlement Point when it is effectively removed from the model.
Because the DAM does not have the capability to reject the offers and bids submitted on a future Network Operations Model, ERCOT will manually remove any bids and offers on JACKCNTY_ALL for Operating Days April 1, 2011, and forward prior to the DAM execution at 10:00 on March 31, 2011, for Operating Day April 1, 2011. This will prevent DAM awards on points that will not exist in the real-time market on and after April 1, 2011.
Similarly, Market Participants should NOT submit trades at the Settlement Point JACKCNTY_ALL for Operating Day April 1, 2011, and beyond. ERCOT will manually remove any confirmed trades that include this point prior to the execution of Settlements.

Once the model load is complete around midnight beginning the April 1, 2011, Operating Day, all market submissions will be properly enforced within the updated Settlement Points in the model (which does not include JACKCNTY_ALL). The Market Management System will automatically reject any submissions on this point.

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