NOTICE DATE:  February 21, 2012

NOTICE TYPE:  W-A022112-01 Extracts/Reports – Wholesale

SHORT DESCRIPTION:  SID Extracts posted with incomplete data


DAYS AFFECTED:  Postings on February 9, 11, 12 and 13, 2012

LONG DESCRIPTION:  The Settlement Inputs Data (SID) Extract posted with incomplete public data files due to manual intervention required to generate the extract. Manual intervention was necessary due to issues encountered with replication lag in one of our databases related to the processing of an unexpectedly high number of transactions from a Market Participant. As a result of the manual processes implemented to mitigate protocol compliance issues with extract postings, the SID Extract posted with incomplete public data sets for the following dates:

·         February 9, 2012, for Operating Day February 8, 2012

·         February 11, 2012, for Operating Day February 10, 2012

·         February 12, 2012, for Operating Day February 11, 2012

·         February 13, 2012, for Operating Day February 12, 2012

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  The SID Extracts for the affected dates are being regenerated and reposted. ERCOT will repost the incomplete data sets today, which will contain all data from Operating Day February 8, 2012, through February 12, 2012 (including the previously posted data for February 9, 2012) within one zip file. Market participants who have opted in to receive the SID Extract will see two zip files posted today: the regenerated zip file for the incomplete data rerun and the daily February 21, 2012, zip file posting for Operating Day February 20, 2012, which posted earlier today.   

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