NOTICE DATE:  May 10, 2013

NOTICE TYPE:  M-A050313-11 Outage – Retail/Wholesale

SHORT DESCRIPTION:  UPDATE – Restoration of data extract postings and components of Market Data Transparency


DAY AFFECTED:  May 10, 2013  

LONG DESCRIPTION:   This is an update to ERCOT’s restoration effort from technical issues with its Enterprise Data Warehouse which has resulted in delayed postings.

Attached is an updated list of the out of compliance extracts which includes the extract protocol date and the actual post date for each posting. The protocol date is the date on which the posting should have occurred under normal processing.  ERCOT will continue to provide updates on the remaining postings as they are completed. 

The Supplemental IDR Extract that posted on May 8, 2013, was incomplete. This extract  has been removed and the corrected extract posted on May 10, 2013.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  The Market Data Transparency components of the Market Information System (MIS) are available EXCEPT for the following:

·         Provide AMS interval data for a trade date

·         Provide ESIIDs where AMS interval data not loaded for a trade date

·         Provide AMS interval data for ESIIDs I own

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