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NOTICE DATE:  June 3, 2014

NOTICE TYPE:  W-A050914-02 Operations

SHORT DESCRIPTION:  Initial and Final determination of RMR status for Delaware Mountain Wind Farm LLC, KUNITZ_WIND_NWP


DAY AFFECTED:  August 7, 2014

LONG DESCRIPTION:  On May 9, 2014, ERCOT received a Notification of Suspension of Operations (NSO) for the following Generation Resources with a proposed effective date of August 7, 2014:


ERCOT has completed its review and is issuing its initial and final determination that these Resources are not required to support ERCOT transmission system reliability (i.e. voltage support, stability or management of localized transmission constraints under first contingency criteria). Pursuant to Section, this Notice will also serve as the final determination, and the Resources may be decommissioned and retired according to the schedule in the NSO.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  ERCOT has posted the analysis performed to arrive at its determination on the Generation page of the Market Information System (MIS) Secure Area.  An ERCOT Digital Certificate is required to access the MIS.

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