NOTICE DATE:  September 2, 2015

NOTICE TYPE:  R-A090215-01 Education/Training

SHORT DESCRIPTION:  New MarkeTrak Application Training

INTENDED AUDIENCE:  Competitive Retailers and Transmission Distribution Service Providers

DAY AFFECTED:  September 2, 2015

LONG DESCRIPTION:  ERCOT,  in conjunction with the Retail Market Training Task Force (RMTTF) has developed a new online course for the MarkeTrak Application.

This course consists of a series of modules that spotlight many common uses of the MarkeTrak application.  The modules include:

1.    Overview

2.    Switch Hold Removal

3.    Cancel with Approval / Without Approval

4.    Inadvertent Gaining and Losing Subtypes

5.    Usage and Billing Issues

6.    Other D2D Subtypes

7.    Data Extract Variance LSE Subtypes

8.    Data Extract Variance Non-LSE Subtypes

9.    Bulk Insert and Background Reporting

10. GUI Reporting

11. Emails and Notifications

12. MarkeTrak Admin Functionality

Each module leads learners through example scenarios that illustrate the required inputs and potential outcomes Market Participants face when submitting a MarkeTrak issue. At the conclusion of each module, learners will have a greater understanding of how Competitive Retailers (CRs) and Transmission Distribution Service Providers (TDSP)s work through and resolve retail data issues using the MarkeTrak application.

The first three modules in this series, Overview, Switch Hold Removal and Cancel With Approval / Cancel Without Approval are now available on the ERCOT Learning Management System (LMS).

Additional modules will be added in the coming months.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  To enroll in a course, go to the ERCOT Training website at Select the course you are interested in attending. On the “Schedule/Registration” tab, select the “Enroll Online” link under “REGISTRATION” to register for the course.

This course is part of a series of instructor-led and web-based training courses available to Market Participants. To view the complete catalog of ERCOT market and operational courses, select Course Catalog from the ERCOT Training website.

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