Good morning Mike,

Thanks for keeping PGDTF alive and making TSP’s think about GMD and its impact on transmission planning. The following are CNP’s responses to your inquiry:

         We agree with Reza that the latest version of PGDTF Procedure Manual progressing well toward a final version.

         CNP recommends targeting completion the first draft of the ERCOT System GIC model and the draft PGDTF Procedure Manual by November 1, 2016.  This would allow for completion of these task prior to the holidays and transmission planning assessments for the year.

         CNP has already begun gathering data for the GIC model.  CNP is tentatively aiming to have the majority of the data collected by 1Q 2016.  The remainder of the year will be used to troubleshoot, track down missing data and fill in any gaps. 

  Note: CNP is not collecting GSU data assuming that its ERCOT’s responsibility to provide GSU data for the ERCOT System GIC model.

         CNP has already purchased the GMD module.

         In addition to the FERC Technical Conference in DC on March 1, NATF/EPRI will hold a Resiliency Summit at the EPRI offices in Charlotte on March 1-2 where between other topics they will be discussing the GMD planning and EMP/IEMI tutorials. Therefore CNP recommends a face to face meeting at the Met Center after the middle of March. The agenda for this summit is attached herein for your convenience.



Larisa Loyferman, P.E.

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Policy & Compliance

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Hi Mike,


The following includes our responses to your inquiry:


         The PGDTF Procedure Manual appears to be progressing well toward a final version.  

         Although we (Austin Energy) have not started preparing the data, we are in the process of purchasing the GIC component of PSSE.

         I think it is a good idea to plan on creating the GMD model by the end of 2016. Some are speculating the possible approval of this standard by this summer.

         A good time for the next meeting may be a few days after the FERC conference, which is planned for March 1.





Reza Ebrahimian, Ph.D., P.E. | Manager, Transmission Planning & Reliability | Austin Energy

2500 Montopolis | Austin, TX 78741 | (512) 322-6740


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Subject: PGDTF items of interest




Following are the main activities proposed for 2016.


Create the GMD Model for ERCOT System

I propose we set a goal to create a working GMD model by the end of 2016.  This schedule might change based upon the FERC’s final decision on the Planning Standard.  ERCOT has converted a SSWG case into a GMD case.  There are a number of data items that cannot be created using defaults built into the software.  PGDTF decided to use actual data for the 345 kV and 138 kV system.  This data needs to be developed for the model.  A description of the data is included in the attached draft Procedure Manual.  I propose all TSPs start developing the data, and then meet to discuss challenges and work together to develop the techniques to develop the data.


PGDTF Procedure Manual

Attached is the current draft of the Procedure Manual for your review and comment.  I proposed we continue development of the Manual as we develop the GMD base case so we can capture the case development process, lessons learned, etc. in the Manual.  The GMD base case development process in the draft Manual is proposed, but not finalized.  The draft would be completed by the end of 2016.


Planning Guide Development

I propose we develop the GMD Planning Section in the Planning Guide in conjunction with the development of the Procedure Manual.  The completion date will be determined by FERC’s decision on the Planning Standard.


Please send an e-mail to the exploder list with your comments on the following topics and any other comments you have regarding the PGDTF’s assignment:

         proposed 2016 activities and schedule

         your current status on developing your data for the GMD base case

         your plans to acquire the GMD software

         your suggestion on the timing of the next PGDTF meeting either by WebEx or a meeting at ERCOT with WebEx access.


I will present this 2016 action plan to ROS this Thursday, 2/4/2016, and will appreciate any comments you have prior to the ROS meeting.


NERC hosted a GMD planning workshop on 12/9/2015.  The presentations from the workshop are posted on the NERC website page for the GMD standards at


FERC is holding a Technical Conference on 3/1/2016 to discuss the proposed GMD Planning Standard.  The is a public event, and you can register at  This Technical Conference may shed some light on changes to the Standard and a time table for adoption of the Standard.





Michael Juricek, P.E.



Senior Manager, Transmission Planning

Asset Planning Distribution and Transmission Oncor Electric Delivery Co LLC

Office: 214.743.6671

Mobile: 214.490.0748





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