NOTICE DATE:  July 12, 2016

NOTICE TYPE:  W-D071216-01 Legal

SHORT DESCRIPTION:  ERCOT Request to NERC for Authorization to Review GADS Data

INTENDED AUDIENCE:  ERCOT Resource Entities with Generation Resources

DAY AFFECTED:  July 11, 2016

LONG DESCRIPTION:  On July 11, 2016, in accordance with Section 1503 of the NERC Rules of Procedure (ROP), ERCOT submitted a request to NERC seeking authorization to review unit-specific Generating Availability Data System (GADS) data for all generators in the ERCOT region.  See attached July 11, 2016 ERCOT letter request. 

As explained in its request submission, ERCOT needs this data to assist the Texas Reliability Entity (Texas RE) in preparing its regional self-assessment required by NERC.  One of the required studies in the self-assessment is a biennial probabilistic study of resource adequacy.  This study requires unit-specific outage data. 

Section 1503 of the NERC ROP requires NERC to give notice of ERCOT’s request to those entities whose data would be disclosed in response to the request and to provide an opportunity to comment.  ERCOT expects that Resource Entities subject to NERC registration should receive such a communication from NERC in the coming weeks.

If NERC ultimately grants ERCOT’s request, ERCOT will treat this data confidentially and will use this data only for the purposes of assisting Texas RE in preparing the probabilistic study for the regional self-assessment required by NERC.  ERCOT has indicated its willingness to enter into a non-disclosure agreement with NERC to ensure the protection of this information, as required by Section 1503 of the NERC ROP.  

CONTACT:  If you have any questions about this request, please contact Nathan Bigbee, ERCOT Assistant General Counsel, at (512) 225-7093 or [log in to unmask].

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