NOTICE DATE:  August 10, 2016
NOTICE TYPE:  M-C071316-03 Contracts/RFP
SHORT DESCRIPTION:  ERCOT has posted amendments to the Request for Proposals for Must-Run Alternatives and the Must-Run Alternative Governing Document to its website.
DAY AFFECTED:  August 10, 2016
LONG DESCRIPTION:  As outlined in the original MRA RFP timeline, ERCOT committed to posting any clarifying changes to the MRA RFP and other related documents by today, August 10, 2016.  ERCOT has modified the documents to reflect these clarifications and has also made a number of purely stylistic revisions.  The updated documents are posted to the Current Requests for Proposal and Quotes<> page of its website.  The significant modifications to the previously posted documents are summarized below.



Target date for execution of MRA Agreement(s) has been changed from October 7, 2016, to October 12, 2016.

Demand Response Site Information Spreadsheet*

*         Eliminated tabs to list sites for each month of the MRA.

*         Added a single 'Site List' tab for sites planned for the first obligated month.  Subsequent site changes should be made using the substitution process described in the MRA Governing Document.

*         Minor cell comment and formatting changes.

MRA Governing Document

*         Clarifications and additional detail on MRA Resource testing procedures (Sections 1.1 and and 3.11).

*         A modification to the requirement that MRA Resources must be represented by a dedicated Sub-QSE; instead, ERCOT is strongly encouraging but not requiring a dedicated Sub-QSE (Section 1.1).

*         Additional detail and clarifications related to MRA Settlements (Sections 1.7.1 and 1.7.2).

*         Clarifications regarding payments for supply-side MRA Resource start-up, and details around start-up requirements (Section

*         Clarification of the term "energy requested by ERCOT" (Section

*         Clarification that demand response MRA Resources may be deployed by ERCOT no more than once per day (Section

*         Clarifications regarding payment adjustments for DR MRA Resources (Section 3.10).

*         Miscellaneous non-substantive edits to address typographical and style issues (throughout).

*An embedded appendix document to the RFP
The updated documents have been posted on the Current Requests for Proposal and Quotes<> page on ERCOT's website.
As a reminder, QSEs must submit proposals to ERCOT no later than 3:00 p.m. Central Prevailing Time (CPT) on August 24, 2016.  The RFP, MRA Governing Document and appendices of the RFP may be accessed on ERCOT's website at the following link: Current Requests for Proposal and Quotes<>.
Market Participants or other potential submitters of proposals may not communicate with any ERCOT employee other than the person designated as the "ERCOT Point of Contact" in the RFP (see "Contact" section, below) about any matter concerning the substance of the RFP.
CONTACT:  Inquiries concerning this RFP must be directed in writing to Jimmy Ramirez, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Management, at [log in to unmask]<>.  Media inquiries concerning the RFP may be directed to Robbie Searcy, Communications Manager, at (512) 225-7213 or [log in to unmask]<>.
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