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NOTICE DATE:  February 10, 2017

NOTICE TYPE:  W-A121316-02 Operations

SHORT DESCRIPTION:  Update - Upgrade of Resource Asset Registration Forms (RARF version 5.4), addition of new required data fields, and revised deployment and due dates

INTENDED AUDIENCE:  All Resource Entities

DAY AFFECTED:  Week of (March 31- April 7, 2017) through April 30, 2017 (see below for details)

LONG DESCRIPTION:  ERCOT is updating the RARF to include the following Resource Registration Glossary Revision Requests (RRGRRs):

·         RRGRR003 - Modifications to Improve Wind Forecasting

·         RRGRR006 - Clarification of Descriptions and Alignment with Resource Asset Registration Forms

·         RRGRR007 - Adding Solar Resource Registration Inputs

·         RRGRR009 - Adding Voltage Limit Sets, Relay Loadability, MLSE, and GMD Data

The full descriptions and supporting documentation for each of these RRGRRs can be found on the ERCOT website.  (See the links below under Additional Information.) The spreadsheet for each of these RRGRRs contains yellow highlighted fields that indicate the new data fields.

Changes to the RARF include the addition of fields supporting the above RRGRRs. RARF version 5.4 also changes the Wind form into a Renewable form with support for both Wind and Solar PV Resources. This change will require existing Solar PV Resources to review and add data that was previously on the Gen form or not previously collected for their resource, including detailed collector system and equipment data and models.  Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) will continue to use the Gen Form and LAAR Form.

Important to all Resources is the data added in support of RRGRR009 for Geomagnetic Disturbance (GMD) issues. These changes are in support of PGRR046 (Addition of Geomagnetically Induced Current (GIC) Model Building Requirements), and will require Resources to provide some data that is now required and has not previously been collected and may be difficult to provide.  Additional information on the data elements and guidance on specific values is contained in the “GIC System Model Procedure Manual ROS Approved July 7 2016” located on the Planning Geomagnetic Disturbance Task Force web page on ERCOT.com (http://www.ercot.com/committee/pgdtf/2016).   Resource Entities are encouraged to plan for the acquisition of this data which will be due by end of April 2017.

ACTION REQUIRED:  Since much of the new required GIC data will take considerable time to conduct tests and perform calculations, Resource Entities are encouraged to start their review of the new GIC data requirements in RRGRR09 and to begin collecting the data in order to meet the April 30, 2017 due date.

All Resource Entities will receive new, pre-populated RARF version 5.4 forms for all of their Resources (see schedule below). Note that this will only include previously submitted data and will not include any of the data required by the above RRGRR’s.  The new data fields should be completed and the forms submitted to ERCOT, with appropriate attachments. Previously embedded data such as One-lines, PSCAD, Dynamic Data, Collector System and Transformer test data files will need to be re-embedded.  Generation Resources are reminded to verify all of their information, including Generation Frequency Data that was collected through a Request for Information.  ERCOT requests that RARF version 5.4 forms be completed and submitted no later than April 30, 2017. Note that previous RARF versions (version 5.3 and earlier) will not be accepted once the transition has started.


March 31, 2017, noon – ERCOT shuts off acceptance of version 5.3 RARFs and begins transition to new RARF version. New blank RARF forms posted on MIS

April 3-7, 2017 – New RARF forms are pre-populated for all Resources currently registered with ERCOT and posted to the MIS for Resources to download.

April 7, 2017 – Resource Entities may begin submission of resource data on new version 5.4 RARFs (version 5.3 and earlier can no longer be accepted)

April 30, 2017 – Date by which Resource Entities submit version 5.4 RARF including newly required data as specified in the subject RRGRRs

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  The Resource Registration glossary can be found at http://www.ercot.com/mktrules/guides/resourcereg.

RRGRR003 and associated documents can be found on the ERCOT website.

RRGRR006 and associated documents can be found on the ERCOT website.

RRGRR007 and associated documents can be found on the ERCOT website.

RRGRR009 and associated documents can be found on the ERCOT website.

GIC System Model Procedure Manual ROS Approved July 7 2016

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