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NOTICE DATE:  August 16, 2018

NOTICE TYPE:  M-A081618-01 General

SHORT DESCRIPTION:  Revised 2016 AML data posted for each LSE


DAY AFFECTED:  August 16, 2018

LONG DESCRIPTION:  As required by the Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) Fee Assessment and Collection Guide, Section 3.2, when a Load Serving Entity (LSE) ceases to transact in the ERCOT Region ERCOT will recalculate the ERO fee and post Adjusted Metered Load (AML) data for each LSE.   

As the result of two LSEs exiting the market subsequent to the last posting of the 2016 AML data, ERCOT has revised the LSE AML shares for 2016.  The revised 2016 shares have been posted and will be used in the calculation of the fourth quarter 2018 ERO fee.

The revised ERO Fee Assessment LSE Share Report (EMIL ID COMS-805-M, Report ID 1036) is posted on the Market Information System (MIS), under Data Aggregation Reports and Extracts (Certified) – LSE.

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