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Test 3 – this test will verify that Client Services can send to the newly created WMWG distribution list. 

This test is designed to successfully send an email to Mike McCarty, Suzy Clifton and David Gonzales. 


Suzy, please let me know if the people subscribed to this list should be able to send to the distribution list.  If so, I will have to make a con figuration change. 

As with the QSEMOS list, [log in to unmask] can send emails to the list. 


If this test is successful, I will copy the QSEMOS subscribers to the WMWG distribution list. 


Test 1 proved that an individual can’t send to the list. 

Test 2 filed because of an incorrect “semi colon” in the configuration file. 


Let me know if there are any other issues that need to be addresses. 






Mike McCarty

Market Support Services

2705 West Lake Drive | Taylor, TX 76574

Office: 512-248-3927





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