Below are the primary and secondary contact information for Lubbock Power and Light:



Ahsan Hasnine; [log in to unmask]; (806)775-2906



Eduardo Rodriguez; [log in to unmask]; (806)775-3516


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Ahsan Hasnine

Electrical Engineering Associate

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402 Municipal Drive, Lubbock, Texas 79403

Office: (806)775-2906 | Fax: (806)775-3590


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Subject: Model Building Contact List


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For the upcoming model build, I would like to have a list of all the companies that will be participating with contact information for each company. This will enable us to address any issues that may arise more quickly and provide a point of contact for resolving modeling issues. I have put together a list of companies and attached it. It does not contain any contact information as of now. Please identify a primary contact and if possible, a secondary contact along with a phone number and email for the contact that will be participating in the upcoming GIC case build.


If your company is not on the list, but you will be participating in the model building process, please send me your information and I will update the contact list.


Reply by 2/21/2019 so I can have the list assembled by the 2/26/19 PGDTF meeting.









Eric Meier

Network Model Engineer 2

Network Model Administration

2705 West Lake Drive

Taylor, Texas 76574

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O: 512-248-6770










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