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NOTICE DATE:  March 22, 2019


SHORT DESCRIPTION:  Implementation of NPRR817


DAY AFFECTED:  April 5, 2019

LONG DESCRIPTION:  On April 5, 2019, Protocol language related to Nodal Protocol Revision Request (NPRR) 817, Create a Panhandle Hub, will be implemented.

This NPRR creates a trading Hub “Panhandle 345 kV Hub (Pan 345)” in the ERCOT panhandle. The NPRR also excludes this new Hub from the existing ERCOT-wide Hub average and Bus average calculations in Section, ERCOT Hub Average 345 kV Hub (ERCOT 345), and Section, ERCOT Bus Average 345 kV Hub (ERCOT 345 Bus).

The Common Information Model (CIM) including the Panhandle Hub (HB_PAN) will be loaded to the Market Management System (MMS) around the middle of the night of April 4, 2019. The MMS will calculate Real-Time Locational Marginal Price (RTLMP) and Real-Time Settlement Point Price (RTSPP) for HB_PAN starting from April 5, 2019. The Day-Ahead Market (DAM) execution on April 5, 2019 for Operating Day April 6, 2019 will start optimizing the bids and offers submitted for HB_PAN and calculating the corresponding Day-Ahead Settlement Point Price (DASPP). The first Congestion Revenue Right (CRR) Auction to consider HB_PAN as a biddable Settlement Point will be 2019.MAY.Monthly.Auction.

NPRR817 also makes changes to the following ERCOT public dashboard under “Day-Ahead and Real-Time Displays”:

·         DAM Settlement Point Prices Display (add new column HB_PAN)

·         Real-Time LMPs for Load Zones and Trading Hubs Display (add new record HB_PAN)

·         Real-Time Settlement Point Prices Display (add new column HB_PAN)

·         RTD Indicative LMPs by Load Zones or Hubs Display (add HB_PAN to drop down list and corresponding new page for HB_PAN)

Note the dashboard change for NPRR817 may be migrated on April 4, 2019 and the new column HB_PAN may be empty before the MMS changes take effect on April, 5, 2019.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Pursuant to Nodal Protocol Section 21.6, Nodal Protocol Revision Implementation, ERCOT is required to provide notice as soon as practicable, but no later than ten days prior to implementation.   

NPRR817 and associated documents can be found on the ERCOT website.

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