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Forwarding on behalf of RTCTF Chair Matt Mereness



This email is a follow-up from the first Real-Time Co-Optimization Task Force (RTCTF) meeting yesterday to confirm communications and future dates for upcoming activities.


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RTCTF Home page (under TAC):



Upcoming RTCTF Meetings:

April 18 (2-4pm WebEx only) RTC Orientation training

April 30 full day meeting

May 13 full day meeting

                ERCOT will work to populate other 2019 meeting dates


Deadlines for ERCOT requested feedback from  yesterday:

                April 9 feedback on RTC Orientation training meeting to [log in to unmask]

April 11 feedback on discussion topics for April 30 to [log in to unmask]


      Real-time AS imbalance


      AS manager

      AS offer structure

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Best regards,

Matt Mereness (RTCTF Chair)

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O: 512.248.3089

M: 512.565.8939


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