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RTCTF participants,

ERCOT has posted the agenda and materials for consideration at next week’s RTCTF meeting on Friday, June 7th (http://www.ercot.com/calendar/2019/6/7/180306-RTCTF)



1.  Antitrust Admonition    9:30 a.m. MetCenter Austin

2.  RTCTF General Information

3.  Discussion on ERCOT's Draft Issue List and Schedule

4.  Review of Comments on Key Principle Documents

--- Key Principle 1.4 – Systems that Input into the Real-Time Optimization

--- Key Principle 1.5 – Process for Deploying Ancillary Services

--- Key Principle 1.6 – Ancillary Service Imbalance Settlement with RTC

--- Key Principle 3 – Reliability Unit Commitment

--- Key Principle 4 – The Supplemental Ancillary Service Market Process

5.  Follow Up on Information Request Regarding AS Offer Structure

6.  Discussion on Next Meeting’s Items and Agenda

Adjourn   4:00 p.m.



Matt Mereness

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