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RTCTF participants,

ERCOT has posted the agenda for next week’s RTCTF meeting on Monday, May 13 (http://www.ercot.com/calendar/2019/5/13/179716-RTCTF).  Also a reminder to provide feedback from the prior meeting by Thursday, May 9th.



RTCTF General Information


Discussion on Topics from Previous Meetings

- Resource Limit Calculator

- Load Frequency Control

- Ancillary Service Offer Structure

- Ancillary Service Settlement (with RTC)


Discussion on New Topics

- Ancillary Service Manager

- Reliability Unit Commitment

- Supplemental Ancillary Service Market


Discussion on Next Meeting’s Items and Agenda



Matt Mereness

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From: Matt Mereness
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Subject: RTCTF Meeting Summary and Homework from April 30 meeting


RTCTF members,

As discussed at this week’s meeting, I worked with the ERCOT team to develop a high-level summary of the key discussion items related to the agenda topics and the homework assignments discussed.  You will see in the attachment that ERCOT is looking for feedback in a number of areas and can be provided back to ERCOT as redlines to this document.  Please provide feedback by May 9, 2019 to allow preparation for the May 13, 2019 meeting.


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Best regards,

Matt Mereness

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