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NOTICE DATE: July 26, 2019


SHORT DESCRIPTION: Implementation Details of SCR796, OBDRR003 and OBDRR014


DAY AFFECTED: August 8, 2019

LONG DESCRIPTION: On August 8, 2019 ERCOT will implement System Change Request (SCR) 796, Change Validation Rules to Preclude Certain Transactions at Resource Nodes within Private Use Networks. In addition, language related to Other Binding Document Revision Request (OBDRR) 003, Change Validation Rules to Preclude Certain Transactions at Resource Nodes within Private Use Networks, and the remainder of OBDRR014, Change Posting Location for Non-biddable Resource Nodes, will be implemented.

SCR796 modifies the validation rules that the Market Management System (MMS) uses to validate bids and offers to exclude Resource Nodes within a Private Use Network site as valid Settlement Points for Day-Ahead Market (DAM) Energy-Only Offers, DAM Energy Bids, and Point-to-Point (PTP) Obligation bids.

OBDRR003 and OBDRR014 align the “Procedure for Identifying Resource Nodes” with changes implemented by SCR796, specifies the location in which the list of Resource Nodes where Energy Only Offers, Energy Bids, and PTP bids are disallowed will be posted and clarifies that the Congestion Revenue Right (CRR) team will use the most recent list when building the auction model.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: SCR796, OBDRR003, OBDRR014 and associated documents can be found on the ERCOT website.

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