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Good afternoon RTCTF members,

ERCOT has posted the agenda and materials for the July 12 RTCTF meeting to be hosted at the Taylor ERCOT control center.

                http://www.ercot.com/calendar/2019/6/21/180300-RTCTF  (please RSVP by 12NOON on 7/10/19 if you plan to attend in person)


It’s a full agenda, and materials for Agenda 4 are posted for comment in anticipation of taking a number of items to the July TAC meeting.  Please provide any alternatives language for items below by close of business July 5, 2019:

o   KP1.4 – Systems that Input into the Real-Time Optimization

§  Subsection 1 Review complete and consensus to go to TAC at June 21 RTCTF meeting

o   KP1.5 – Process for Deploying Ancillary Services                  

§  Subsections 1-6 Consensus at June 21 RTCTF meeting to take to TAC after four reviews with Siddiqi alternatives on 3 & 6                        

o   KP1.6 – Ancillary Service Imbalance Settlement with RTC                               

§  Subsections 1-4 No further discussion of issues, but GSEC requested additional meeting review for July 12 proir to TAC

o   KP3 – Reliability Unit Commitment          

§  Subsections 1-9 Planned discussion for third review with Siddiqi alternatives on 2 & 6                     

o   KP4 – The Supplemental Ancillary Service Market Process                          

§  Consensus and ready for TAC                    





Matt Mereness

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