See Walter’s email below.  If you have comments, please send them to Walter or the list serv this week.  We can also discuss this during the WMWG report out at the WMS meeting.


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David, please post/distribute this as needed.  I am headed toward submitting an NPRR before further discussion at WMS or WMWG in an effort to move this along.  I request all addressees to provide feedback and critique as to wording as well as the advisability of submitting the NPRR right away; I do not want to derail the support by moving too fast.  There are many different ideas for packaging several initiatives together, several ideas that might simplify implementation, as well as specific wording changes needed to get this right; I would like to limit the discussion of the draft to the next few days and then I intend to submit the NPRR so all the discussion can be captured in the NPRR process rather than verbally and e-mails in many forums.  I will be discussing this with the Advanced Power Alliance (APA) membership on a call this afternoon and will then be seeking permission to submit an NPRR sponsored by APA by the end of the week.


I've attached proposed wording for near real time Energy Offer Curve updates.  The draft NPRR incorporates two of the three related topics discussed yesterday; changes to the Limited Duration Resource (LDR) definition and then wording to allow LDRs to change their Energy Offer Curve near real time.  I believe we needed to respond to the IMM and others that wanted to limit the real time offer curve update to storage type devices. I believed I had to either rely on the yet to be approved definition of a Energy Storage Resource (ESR) or to use a modified version of LDR; I chose the latter since it got two issues addressed together but I would be happy to separate them into two NPRRs to get the 915 modifications moving faster.  


The third issue raised was the need for a new Resource Status that would indicate not available for SCED but available for Ancillary Services.  I have attached the pertinent section of the Protocols and invite those with definitive ideas of what is needed to start the conversation by adding in your suggestions.  My initial thinking is that any new Resource Status would be addressed in a new NPRR and not be rolled up into the one currently being developed.


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