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We have posted the latest version of the following Key Principle document for the October 9th meeting (http://www.ercot.com/calendar/2019/10/9/189276-RTCTF).


Below are the details for each item to assist in your review of the issues and potential alternatives. 


Alternative language is due next Wednesday Oct 2.


Key Principle 1.1: Ancillary Service Demand Curves and Current Market Price Adders

(2)- Pricing run to reliability deployments  (Round 3- confirm consensus and discuss with other RUC/reliability deployment items)

(5)- Disaggregation of ORDC Curve (Round 3- no action needed, consensus on Crescent approach and ready for October TAC)


Key Principle 1.2 - System-Wide Offer Cap and Power Balance Penalty Price

(3)- Price caps for AS (Round 3- Proposals from Crescent and Luminant and look for task force consensus for October TAC)


Key Principle 1.3 - Offering and Awarding Ancillary Services in Real-Time

(1)- Ability for QSE to indicate when AS unavailable in Real-Time (Round 3 No issues to date)

(2)- UFR Load Resources will be able to self-provide RRS UFR and ECRS based on DAM Awards and Trades (Round 3 No issues to date)

(3)- STEC proposal for On-Line Hydro not in ONRR mode (Round 2 Review STEC alternative)

(4)- Combined-cycle frequency responsive AS constraint (Round 2 No issues to date with additional detail from ERCOT on telemetry)

(5)- RTC will not change limits on sub-categories of AS products (Round 3 No issues to date)

(6)- Offline non-spin constraint during start-up (Round 3 Some discussion from Crescent in prior meeting, but no alternatives)

(7)- Quick-start constraint during start-up (Round 3 No issues to date)

(8)- Re-procurement of AS during deployments (Consensus at 9/19 meeting)

(9)- Operator ability to mitigate infeasible AS (Round 3 Minor edits at RTCTF, but no alternatives)

(10)- RTC will leverage AS Offer structure inherited from current structure, including NPRR863  (Round 3 No issues to date)

(11)- AS Offer curve submission will be same as Energy Offer Curve (Round 3 No issues to date)

(12)- Proxy curves for RTC AS

                Significant discussion expected, proposals encouraged

                Prior presentation/comments from TCPA/LCRA and also comments from Trefny

(13)- Proxy curves for AS will not be created for DAM (same as today) (Round 3 No issues to date)


Key Principle 5 (Round 3)

(1)- ASDCs will be used in DAM (Round 3 No issues to date)

(2)- ASDCs in DAM will be same as Real-Time  (Round 3 No issues to date)

(3)- Current DAM Insufficiency Process will be removed (Round 3 No issues to date)

(4)- AS Obligation quantities posted by 06:00 in Day-Ahead become advisory-only number based on the AS Plan (Round 3 No issues to date)

(5)- Minimum AS Obligation quantity will be 0.1 MW (Round 3 No issues to date)

(6)- After DAM is published, updated AS Obligation quantities will be calculated and published based on the actual DAM AS requirement (Round 3 No issues to date)

(7)- Virtual AS Offers- proposed by Morgan Stanley at 9/19 meeting (Round 2  Be prepared to discuss benefits of additional functionality)


See you tomorrow for the ISO Lessons Learned- thanks!



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