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Subject: FW: [External Email] NERC GMD Data Reporting Instruction (Draft) For GMDTF Review




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Subject: [EXTERNAL] FW: [External Email] NERC GMD Data Reporting Instruction (Draft) For GMDTF Review


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Forwarding this communication from NERC to you in case you haven’t seen it yet. NERC is asking for GMDTF comments on the newly developed draft Data Reporting Instruction (DRI) for GMD data by October 16.  





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Subject: [External Email] NERC GMD Data Reporting Instruction (Draft) For GMDTF Review



Good Afternoon GMD Task Force participants- NERC staff has prepared a draft Data Reporting Instruction (DRI) for GMD data and is seeking your comments. At the links below, you can find the draft DRI and a comment form to guide your review. You can return the comment form to me; also, if desired, you can return your suggested edits or comments on the draft DRI in a marked up (redline) version of the DRI document. Responses are requested by Wednesday, October 16.  



NERC staff has developed the draft DRI in support of an approved NERC Rules of Procedure Section 1600 Data Request for the collection of GMD Data (GMD Data Request). The GMD Data Request was developed to meet Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) directives in Order No. 830 for collecting geomagnetically-induced current (GIC) monitoring and magnetometer data from registered entities for the period beginning May 2013, including both data existing as of the date of the order and new data going forward.[1] Furthermore, FERC directed that NERC should make the collected GIC and magnetometer data available to support ongoing research and analysis of GMD risk.[2]


When completed and implemented, the DRI will apply to Transmission Owners (TO) and Generator Owners (GO) in meeting obligations contained in the approved GMD Data Request. The purpose of the draft DRI is to assist NERC in the development of systems and processes for collecting the specified data and provide stakeholders an opportunity to give feedback on NERC’s approach to meeting the approved GMD Data Request.


Next Steps

NERC staff will review comments and prepare revisions to the Draft DRI. The revised draft will be shared with the GMDTF along with all received comments and responses. It will be used by NERC in developing a GMD data collection application and Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) processes that will support implementing the approved GMD Data Request. NERC staff and GMDTF leaders will provide the DRI to the NERC Planning Committee for review in early 2020.


Let me know if you have any questions or need more information. Thanks for participating in the GMD Task Force.





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[1]               Reliability Standard for Transmission System Planned Performance for Geomagnetic Disturbance Events, Order No. 830, 156 FERC 61,215 at P 89 (2016). The directive applies to only U.S. responsible entities (See id. n. 118). However, responsible entities in other NERC jurisdictions including Canada are encouraged to participate in order to obtain relevant GMD data for the North American Bulk-Power System.

[2]               Order No. 830 at P 93. In the order, FERC stated: “The record in this proceeding supports the conclusion that access to GIC monitoring and magnetometer data will help facilitate GMD research, for example, by helping to validate GMD models.”  If GIC monitoring and magnetometer data is already publicly available (e.g., from a government entity or university), FERC stated that NERC need not duplicate those efforts (see id. n. 122).

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