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We have posted the latest version of the following Key Principle documents for comments for the October 30th meeting (http://www.ercot.com/calendar/2019/10/30/180286-RTCTF ).  Below are the details for each item to assist in your review of the issues and potential alternatives. 


Alternative language is due next Wednesday Oct 23.


Key Principle 1.1: Ancillary Service Demand Curves and Current Market Price Adders

(2)&(6)- Pricing run for reliability deployments  (Round 2)


Key Principle 1.3 - Offering and Awarding Ancillary Services in Real-Time

(4)(c) & (d) Exelon comments/additions from Oct 9th meeting for Combined-cycle (Round 2)

(9)- Operator ability to mitigate infeasible AS (Round 3- discuss Luminant comments)

(12)- Proxy curves for RTC AS (Round 3- includes updated language from ERCOT based on Oct 9th meeting)

(14)- FFR specific considerations (Round 2- Siddiqqi proposal)

(15)- Telemetry discussion when resource unavailable to provide AS (Round 2- Trefny proposal)


Key Principle 2 - Definition of the AS Products to Align with RTC Framework

(1)- AS products under RTC will be the products finalized with the approval NPRR863 (Round 3)

(2)- ERCOT will limit AS awards to no more than the qualified quantity (Round 3)

(3)- Regulation Service Qualification (Round 3- Siddiqqi comments)

(4)- Responsive Reserve Service Qualification (Round 3- Siddiqqi comments)

(5)- Non-Spinning Reserve Qualification (Round 3)

(6)- ERCOT Contingency Reserve Service Qualification (Round 3)


Key Principle 3- RUC

(13) RUC will use the same proxy methodology for AS as Real-Time (Round 2)

(14) RUC will use the same scaling for AS offers as energy offers (Round 2)

(15) COP changes to reflect resource A/S capability (Round 2)

(16) Energy Offer Floor of $1,500 for RUC-instructed Resources (Round 2)

(17) AS Offer Floors of $1,500 for RUC-instructed Resources, or the ASDC value at the AS Plan quantity, whichever is lower (Round 2)

(18) RTC will not affect the ability for QSEs to opt out of RUC Settlement (Round 2)


Key Principle 5 (Round 3)

(7)- Virtual AS Offers- proposed by Morgan Stanley at 9/19 meeting (Round 3 Discuss concept benefit and Shell comments)


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