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As discussed at the conclusion of the RTCTF meeting, with all of the RTC Key Principle language having achieved consensus today, we are cancelling the January 10, 2020 RTCTF.


The draft agenda for the January 22, 2020 RTCTF includes:

-          60 Day RTC Disclosure Reports addition related to frequency of AS Curve updates

o   10 minute presentation from Floyd Trefny supporting the new reports

o   10 minute presentation from Luminant to not add the new reports

-          Review how RTC Key Principles will be presented to TAC and the Board

-          Discuss approach to NPRR release and review in 2020


In January the agenda and all KPs will be posted to the January 22 RTCTF meeting page (http://www.ercot.com/calendar/2020/1/22/189766-RTCTF).


Thanks for a productive year in 2019!


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