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The agenda and consensus building materials are posted for next week’s meeting.  As a reminder all Key Principle language has been adopted and the remaining item concerns a new reporting requirement that is part of the Reports inventory under KP6.  We anticipate this being a half-day meeting and the agenda is as follows:



1.       Antitrust Admonition

2.       General Update

3.       KP6: Changes to Market-Facing Report Inventory Spreadsheet

a.       Floyd Trefny position for new 60-Day SCED Disclosure Reports (10 minutes to present)

b.      Luminant concerns with new 60-Day SCED Disclosure Reports (10 minutes to present)

4.       Review how RTC Key Principles will be presented to TAC and the Board

5.       Discuss approach to NPRR release and review in 2020

6.       Adjourn


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