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Hello Mark.


Subscribing to the BEST Force email exploder is a great way to follow the progress.


Note that you can also join and participate in the webex meetings.


Here is the link to the main page for the BEST Force.  http://www.ercot.com/committee/bestf


The next webex is scheduled for May 1.


Hope this helps.




Kenneth Ragsdale




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Subject: ERCOT Battery Energy Storage Task Force Mark Martin, Leander Texas calling


***** EXTERNAL email. Please be cautious and evaluate before you click on links, open attachments, or provide credentials. *****

Mr. Ragsdale, Mr. Nguyen:

My name is Mark Martin.  I am a PEC electricity customer, and an avid reader of information about the new energy economy including renewables, EVs, and distributed power systems and methods.  


I have a solar panel array on my home that provides +90% of my electric power year on year.  I do not have a battery in this system.  I am billed via the PEC reverse metering model. This is one of approximately 15 solar systems installed in my neighborhood. 


I have a used 2011-vintage LEAF EV with about half its battery capacity intact, so that allows about 30 miles total range.  It is a second car and teaching tool for EV management for me, bought on the cheap for that purpose.  This includes an ENEL-X—Juicebox 220v, Class 2 charger at home.  


I am in contact with people at PEC to follow the Solar-Battery system they are installing in Johnson City.  I am inquiring with LCRA about their hydropower assets and potential for pumped storage.



I see your Task Force on the ERCOT website (http://www.ercot.com/committee/bestf).  I have subscribed ( http://lists.ercot.com/) to your email list to continue reading about your activities.  Is there any other method available for me to follow your progress?


I wish you all success in implementing additional battery storage policies in the ERCOT area.  Given Texas wind and sunshine, this state should become the USA leader in power generation from renewables,  just as the state has been a leader in oil and gas production for the last 100+ years.  Energy storage ( which should include other technologies beyond batteries, in my opinion)  is clearly vital to this growth, and ERCOT’s existing charge to manage electric energy statewide makes you the entity to lead this effort.


I look forward to learning more about your activities.

And PS:  Keep healthy—who would have thought in February that masks were the next big fashion thing?



All the best

Mark Martin

3321 Venezia View

Leander, Austin, Texas 78641-3724

Mark +1-737-300-7521

Mark  [log in to unmask]


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