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RTCTF members,

The agenda and materials for next week’s RTCTF have been posted here.  For convenience the agenda is captured below.  Also a reminder to submit any redlines to [log in to unmask] and [log in to unmask].

As always, thanks for your support!

Matt Mereness




Antitrust Admonition


General Update


Update on the May 11, 2020 Special Meeting


Follow up on the Telemetry Change Information Request


Meeting Round 3: Seeking Consensus on Revision Request Language




NPRR1008 (4.4.11 and


ASDC Creation


NPRR1008 (4.4.12)


AS Proxy Offers and General SCED


NPRR1010 (


Meeting Round 2: Review of MP redlines to Revision Request Language and Possible Consensus


DAM – AS Only Offer Material


NPRR1008 (4.3,,,,,, and 4.5.3)


Market Restart (Minor Clean-Up)


NPRR1013 (25.3)


SASM Removal


NPRR1008 (4.5.2)


NPRR1010 (6.4.9,,,,, and


RTM - Telemetry and RLC


NPRR1010 (6.4.6,,,, and


Lunch Break


DAM General Update


NPRR1008 (4.1,,,,, 4.4.8,,,,, and 4.5.1)


OBDRR020 (Appendix 1)


Meeting Round 1: Initial Review and Discussion of Revision Request Language




NPRR1013 (,


DAM Credit/Settlement


NPRR1008 (4.4.10,,,,,,,,,,,


RUC Settlement


NPRR1009 (5.6.2,,,


Meeting Wrap-Up




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