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Hello BESTF Participants,


We have posted a revised version of NPRR 1014 that reflects the document reviewed during the 6-12-20 BESTF webex plus some additional changes.  This latest version can be found at this link:  http://www.ercot.com/content/wcm/key_documents_lists/191221/1014NPRR-05_ERCOT_Comments_061920_BESTF063020.docx


Please review and provide comments on the following sections of this document:


Sections of NPRR 1014 scheduled for 2nd Review on June 30th:


a)    Reporting for Planned Outages,  Maintenance Outages,  and Rescheduled Outages of Resource and Transmission Facilities

b)            3.2.1  Calculation of Aggregate Resource Capacity

c)            3.2.5  Publication of Resource and Load Information

d)    Information to Be Provided to ERCOT

e)            5.7.1  RUC Make-Whole Payment

f)             5.7.2  RUC Clawback Charge

g)            5.7.3  Payment When ERCOT Decommits a QSE-Committed Resource

h)    Regulation Service Qualification

i)     Responsive Reserve Service Qualification

j)     Regulation Service and Generation Resource/Controllable Load Resource Energy Deployment Performance


Also provide comment on Key Topic Concept (KTC) 15-7 (AS Responsibility Compliance), which can be found at this link:  http://www.ercot.com/content/wcm/key_documents_lists/191221/BESTF_KTC_15-7_AS_Responsibility_Compliance_6-1-20_1710.docx





Please review the documents at the links above and submit your written comments or alternative language on the NPRR and KTC as red-lines.  Comments on the sections that were reviewed at the last BESTF meeting are due by June 26, 2020 COB.   Please send comments to the BESTF email exploder or to [log in to unmask] and [log in to unmask].  There is no problem if you provide comments on other sections of the NPRR scheduled to be discussed in the future.


Based on the comments received, ERCOT will revise the documents as appropriate and post revised versions prior to the June 30  BESTF meeting.


The plan on June 30 is to have further discussion on these sections of NPRR 1014 and KTC 15-7 ……. and if possible confirm that there is consensus on these documents.


The other key part of the June 30 BESTF webex is to step through the last sections of NPRR 1014.  See the recently revised NPRR 1014 Review Schedule Spreadsheet at this link: http://www.ercot.com/content/wcm/key_documents_lists/191221/NPRR-1014_BESTF_Discussion_Schedule_06192020.xlsx


The sections we plan to step through are below:


Sections of NPRR 1014 scheduled for 1st Review on June 30th:


NPRR 1014: (BEST-4) ESR Single Model  [New Items Resulting from Review on 6-12-20]


a)  Day-Ahead Energy Payment

b)  Day-Ahead Energy Charge

c) Day-Ahead Make-Whole Charge

d)  Capacity Shortfall Ratio Share


 NPRR 1014: (BEST-4) ESR Single Model  [1st review of 10 sections: See Schedule on Spreadsheet]


a)  Ancillary Services Capacity Monitor

b)  Real-Time Energy Imbalance Payment or Charge at a Resource Node

c)  Resource Base Point Deviation Charge

d)  Controllable Load Resource Base Point Deviation Charge for Over Consumption

e)  Controllable Load Resource Base Point Deviation Charge for Under Consumption

f)  Energy Storage Resource Base Point Deviation Charge for Over Performance

g)  Energy Storage Resource Base Point Deviation Charge for Under Performance

h)  Resources Exempt from Deviation Charges

i)  Voltage Support Service Payments

j)  Minimum and Maximum Resource Prices


The complete agenda for the June 30 BESTF webex is posted at:  http://www.ercot.com/content/wcm/key_documents_lists/191221/BESTF_Agenda_06-30-20_as_of_06-22-20_1408.doc


Thanks for the help and feedback and hope you can participate in the webex meeting on June 30.




Kenneth Ragsdale





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