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NOTICE DATE:  June 10, 2020

NOTICE TYPE:  M-A061020-01 Legal

SHORT DESCRIPTION:  ERCOT Notice of Petition Filing with the PUCT

INTENDED AUDIENCE:  All Market Participants

DAYS AFFECTED:  June 10, 2020

LONG DESCRIPTION:  ERCOT is providing Notice of Docket No. 50918 Petition of Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc. for Expedited Approval of Bylaws Amendment, filed with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) on June 10, 2020.

ERCOT’s Petition has been posted on ERCOT’s website at http://www.ercot.com/about/governance/legal_notices.  You may also access ERCOT’s Petition on the PUCT website at http://interchange.puc.texas.gov/Search/Filings?UtilityType=A&ControlNumber=50918&ItemMatch=Equal&DocumentType=ALL&SortOrder=Ascending.

Market Participants interested in being notified of ERCOT Petition filings with the PUCT should subscribe to the NOTICE_LEGAL_NOTIFICATIONS at http://lists.ercot.com.

CONTACT:  If a Market Participant has any questions concerning this notice, please contact Chad V. Seely, ERCOT General Counsel, at (512) 225-7035 or Vickie G. Leady, ERCOT Assistant General Counsel, at (512) 275-7436.

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