WMWG participants,

Have you noticed this resource naming issue with the RRS Limit files that ERCOT publishes as part of the NPRR960 implementation?  We are not sure why the unit code isn’t used as published in the SARA and other reports. 



We ran into an issue when working on importing the data published by ERCOT for the RRS limits. The Resource names are not following a naming convention that is consistent with how ERCOT normally publishes.   As an example BRAUNIG_VHB1 is BRAUNIG.VHB1 in ERCOT’s report whereas LEON_CRK_LCPCT1 is LEON_CRK.LCPCT1.


This is not consistent with other reports ERCOT publishes. We can go with some assumptions and probably replace ‘.’ with ‘_’. But, I am not sure that will still solve it for us long term for all the resources.



David J. Detelich PE


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