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Thanks again for the progress yesterday and below is a summary of the most recent consensus items.  With your continued support we are now 84% complete with 30 items remaining for RTCTF review.   The next meeting is Sept 9, and a reminder to provide input on the key items in flight related to RTC Reporting and Real-Time Market Offers to [log in to unmask] & [log in to unmask].

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Matt Mereness




Consensus Items from 8/12/2020 Meeting

RTM - AS Deployment and AS Qualification

NOGRR211 (2.3,,,

NPRR1011 (,,,,

Additional Comments to - Regarding Non-Spin from On-line Generator using Power Augmentation

NPRR1010  ( - Initial consensus on 5/20/20

Additional Comments to Regarding FFR Deployment in UDSP

NPRR1010 ( - Initial consensus on 7/22/20

RTM Settlement

               NPRR1010 (6.7.5,,,,,,,,, 6.7.6, 6.7.7)

               Emergency Settlement – Non-SCED Failure scenarios

NPRR1010 (6.6.9)

Legal/Market Rules Clarifications

                NPRR1010 (,,, 6.7.4)


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