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ERCOT has posted its second set of cumulative comments reflecting the RTCTF consensus items to date for portions of

NPRR1007, 1010, 1011, 1012, and NOGRR211.  ERCOT followed the same process as last time in posting these comments to the Market Rules website and each filing includes:


1-      A table providing an inventory of which sections have been reviewed and have RTCTF consensus to date,

2-      Any language changes made at the RTCTF, which are tracked as redlines under a single author of “ERCOT 081820”,

3-      Website link to the current RTCTF review schedule and sections to be reviewed at future RTCTF meetings, and

4-      A reminder that RTCTF review is still in-flight and these filings do not preclude comments necessary to address later-discovered issues relevant to the Key Principles associated with these revisions, or other RTC Revision Requests that require alignment.


Thanks again for the support and we look forward to the next regular RTCTF meeting on September 9th.


Matt Mereness




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