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RTCTF members,


The agenda and Revision Request language for next week’s RTCTF have been posted here.  For convenience the agenda is captured below, and a reminder to submit any redlines to [log in to unmask] and [log in to unmask]


Three additional items to highlight:

-          In reviewing the agenda, the team believes there will be enough time next week to begin considering NPRR revisions related to the theme of “Reporting”.  As time allows, ERCOT will provide an initial review of reporting items at the end of next week’s meeting.

-          ERCOT Legal and Market Rules have reviewed the cumulative language changes to date and proposed a limited number of redlines as part of Agenda Item 5.

-          Dr. Siddiqi provided an update that he will not be escalating the AS deployment duration issue to TAC.


Thanks again for the support and progress to date!

Matt Mereness





RTCTF August 12th WebEx 9:30am-3:30pm


1. Antitrust Admonition


2. General Update


3. Meeting Round 3+: Seeking Consensus on Revision Request Language

RTM - AS Deployment and AS Qualification

NOGRR211 (2.3,,,

NPRR1011 (,,,,

Additional Comments to - Regarding Non-Spin from On-line Generator using Power Augmentation

NPRR1010  ( - Initial consensus on 5/20/20

Additional Comments to Regarding FFR Deployment in UDSP

NPRR1010 ( - Initial consensus on 7/22/20

RTM Settlement

                NPRR1010 (6.7.5,,,,,,,,, 6.7.6, 6.7.7)


4. Meeting Round 3+: Review of Revision Request Language based on Presented Concepts

Emergency Settlement – Non-SCED Failure scenarios

NPRR1010 (6.6.9)


5. Discussion on Comments from Legal/Market Rules Review for Sections with Consensus

                NPRR1010 (,,, 6.7.4)


6. Meeting Round 1: Initial Review and Discussion of Revision Request Language

RTM Offers

                                NPRR1010 (,,, 6.4.4,,, 6.4.5, 6.4.7,

                Reporting Items

NPRR1013 (

NPRR1007 (3.2.3, 3.2.5,

NPRR1008 (

NPRR1009 (5.8)

NPRR1010 (


7. Meeting Wrap-Up and Adjourn


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