Hello all,

Apologizes for the late notice.  I am canceling the WMWG meeting for 12/14.  There are no agenda items to pick up this month. 


ERCOT is continuing development of materials for the two action items. 


  1. Study how much responsive reserve can be provided by the storage resources.  Request for Proposals in progress.  ERCOT received input at PDCWG from many of the parties that attend both PDCWG and WMWG.  Additional input can be emailed to Pengwei Du at [log in to unmask] by Dec. 16, 2020. 
  2. Batteries behind the customer meter – ERCOT is vetting possible solutions.


We do expect to discuss these topics at the January meeting.  If there are other items I am missing, please let me know. 


Thoughts on WMWG leadership for 2021:


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Please let me know if there are any additional nominations to be considered. 


Thank you,


David Detelich

WFH 210-215-6342


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