During the October and November PGDTF meetings we started the discussion to determine the frequency to develop the GIC models as well as the working group to take on the responsibility of developing the models. The majority of the feedback I received was in support of developing the models every 60  months as the standard requires. If you disagree with this approach please let me know.


Additionally, multiple ERCOT working groups were suggested as potentially capable of either developing the GIC models or maintaining some of the data. Below are the working groups that are being considered as well as some points that were raised regarding these groups.

  1. SSWG: 
  1. SPWG:
  1. DWG:
  1. PGDWG: (or GMDWG)
  1. NDSWG:
  1. Others:


Please discuss this internally with other organization within your company to develop your company opinion and continue to have meaningful discussions during 2021 PGDTF meetings. Please note that the last GIC Model build took around 4 months, starting with SSWG summer peak and min cases.




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