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NOTICE DATE: March 15, 2021

NOTICE TYPE: M-B031521-01 Legal

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Notice of Intended Disclosure of Protected Information

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Resource Entities with Generation Resources 

DAY AFFECTED: March 15, 2021

LONG DESCRIPTION: ERCOT received a request from State Representative Cody Vasut seeking various information about ERCOT’s weatherization practices and recent weatherization spot checks.  ERCOT intends to provide the information responsive to this request today.  Some of the information ERCOT will disclose constitutes Protected Information. 

Pursuant to Protocols Section 1.3.5, Notice Before Permitted Disclosure, ERCOT hereby provides notice that it intends to disclose the following categories of Protected Information to Representative Vasut and his staff members:


At ERCOT’s request, Representative Vasut and his staff have executed a confidentiality agreement that restricts disclosure of any confidential Resource-specific information. 

CONTACT: If you have any questions, please contact your ERCOT Account Manager. You may also call the general ERCOT Client Services phone number at (512) 248-3900 or contact ERCOT Client Services via email at [log in to unmask].