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NOTICE DATE: April 7, 2021

NOTICE TYPE: W-C031521-02 Operations

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Update - Annual Constraint Management Plans Review

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Transmission Operators (TOs) and/or Resource Entities (REs), and NERC-registered Generator Operators (GOPs) and Transmission Operators (TOPs) with Transmission Facilities impacted by existing Constraint Management Plans (CMP) or those proposing new CMPs.

DAYS AFFECTED: April 12, 2021

LONG DESCRIPTION: ERCOT has posted the final study case that will be used for the Annual Constraint Management Plan (CMP) review in the Submitted Remedial Action Schemes (RASs) and Constraint Management Plans (CMPs) (EMIL ID NP3-614-M, Report ID 11419) on the Market Information System (MIS). This is a secure report. Any CMP proposals to be considered as part of the Annual CMP Review must be submitted to ERCOT by April 12, 2021.

Any proposed CMPs is required to be submitted using the templates attached with this Market Notice. Also, Transmission Operators and/or Resource Entities with Bulk Electric System (BES) elements specified as a part of approved or proposed CMPs are required to provide any relay limitations for the BES elements to ERCOT for this review. Furthermore, if any submitted CMPs are developed using a power flow case that is different from the one provided, please include the case file along with your submission (in RAW or PowerWorld format).

All correspondence related to the 2021 Annual Constraint Management Plan Review must be sent to [log in to unmask].

ACTION REQUIRED: Provide CMP proposals by April 12, 2021.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Please review the ERCOT website for previous Market Notices related to this subject.

CONTACT: If you have any questions, please contact your ERCOT Account Manager. You may also call the general ERCOT Client Services phone number at (512) 248-3900 or contact ERCOT Client Services via email at [log in to unmask].

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