Hello all,


Following the discussion topic held during the previous ROS meeting, I am forwarding the emergency condition list to the task force. Please review and free feel to add items to the list.



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Subject: ROS WGs - Emergency Condition List


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Good Morning ROS Working Group Leadership,


I hope that everyone had a great weekend.  As discussed at the 4/1/2021 ROS meeting, Katie and I are asking leadership at the ROS working groups to add an item to your upcoming respective agendas to discuss the attached Emergency Conditions List.


The immediate goal is to begin reviewing the list, identify items that your working group should evaluate, and begin discussing prioritization of items.  Katie and I made a first attempt with comments in the Notes column with our initial ideas.  This is a working document and we are seeking feedback to edit the comments as needed.


Thank you for all that you do to support ROS.  Please feel free to reach out to Katie and me at any time to discuss, and plan to provide an update at next ROS on your initial discussions. 


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