NOTICE DATE: 07-24-21

NOTICE TYPE: Informational

SHORT DESCRIPTION: National Weather Service Heat Advisory AEP Texas Suspension of Disconnect for Non-Pay Orders

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Retail Electric Providers

LONG DESCRIPTION: The following is an update of a Heat Advisory issued by the National Weather Service for counties in the AEP Texas service territory. In accordance with PUC
rules, disconnect for non-pay activity has been suspended in these areas. Orders scheduled or received with a requested date during the period will be unexecuted. AEP Texas will
resume working disconnect for non-pay orders in these counties on the date specified in the attached table unless the Heat Advisory is extended,

Market Impacts: DNP transactions will be cancelled that have requests dates during the weather moratorium period.

CR Action Requested: Due to DNP transactions being cancelled during the weather moratorium period, CRs will be required to resend the DNP transactions.

Thanks again for your cooperation and patience.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Further notices on this issue will be updated, as needed.

CONTACT: If you have any questions regarding this notification, please send an email to [log in to unmask]

Red = New counties added
Yellow = Counties extended
White = No new updates
Green = Counties that will resume disconnecting effective date

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