NOTICE DATE: January 26, 2022

NOTICE TYPE: M-B012622-01 Operations 

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Planned Transmission Outage Restrictions for Summer 2022


DAYS AFFECTED: May 15 through September 15

LONG DESCRIPTION: In an effort to manage Planned Transmission Outages that might limit generation availability during high Load conditions, ERCOT is continuing the same set of restrictions on Planned Transmission Outages that were in place last year. These restrictions will be in place each summer going forward, unless subsequently modified due to changed conditions.  ERCOT will apply these summer Planned Outage restrictions, in addition to normal outage coordination guidelines, in its standard processes for evaluating Planned Transmission Outages.

These restrictions apply to Planned Outages in effect from May 15 through September 15 (the summer restriction window).  For Planned Outages that begin before May 15 or extend after September 15, the restrictions apply to the duration of the Planned Outage that extends into the summer restriction window.  The restrictions apply to Planned Outages of existing equipment; they do not apply to Planned Outages of new facilities when those Outages are necessary to synchronize the future equipment in the Network Operations Model with the actual initial energization date of the new facilities (Protocols Section 3.3.1, ERCOT Approval of New or Relocated Facilities).

General Restrictions for Summer Planned Outages:




ERCOT may allow some exceptions to the general restrictions for summer Planned Outages listed above on a case by case basis, as listed in the potential exceptions below, or as otherwise determined by ERCOT.  In order for ERCOT to consider a Planned Outage under a potential exception, the TSP requesting the Outage should provide the information necessary for ERCOT to consider the applicability of the potential exception at the time the Planned Outage is submitted by including the exception request and justification in the Comment field for that Outage in the Outage Scheduler.

Potential Exceptions may include:

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