NOTICE DATE: July 15, 2022

NOTICE TYPE: R-A071522-01 Retail Operations

SHORT DESCRIPTION: ERCOT has posted Electrical Service Identifiers (ESI IDs) of Transmission-Voltage Customer Opt-Outs

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Market Participants

DAYS AFFECTED: July 15, 2022

LONG DESCRIPTION: Nodal Protocol Revision Request (NPRR) 1129, Posting ESI IDs of Transmission-Voltage Customer Opt-Outs, provides that "ERCOT shall post to the ERCOT website a list of every ESI ID associated with a transmission-voltage Customer that is a Securitization Uplift Charge Opt-Out Entity" in Section 27.3, Securitization Uplift Charge. 

Under PURA § 39.653(d), the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) developed a one-time process that permitted certain Entities, including transmission-voltage Customers served by a Retail Electric Provider (REP) that paid in full their invoices owed for usage during the period of emergency, to opt out of Securitization Uplift Charges. See PUCT Docket No. 52364, Proceeding for Eligible Entities to File an Opt Out Pursuant to PURA § 39.653(d) and for Load-Serving Entities to File Documentation of Exposure to Costs Pursuant to the Debt Obligation Order in Docket No. 52322. The transmission-voltage Customers that availed themselves of this process are included in the definition of a Securitization Uplift Charge Opt-Out Entity in Section 2.1, Definitions. Under ordering paragraph 25 of the PUCT’s Debt Obligation order (DOO) in PUCT Docket No. 52322, and in accordance with Section 27, Securitization Uplift Charges, Load Serving Entities (LSEs) may not pass through the Securitization Uplift Charge to any transmission-voltage Customer that is a Securitization Uplift Charge Opt-Out Entity. Therefore, LSEs need to know which Electric Service Identifiers (ESI IDs) are associated with transmission-voltage Customers that are Securitization Uplift Charge Opt-Out Entities. 

NPRR 1129, which addresses this requirement, became effective July 15, 2022, following PUCT approval on July 14, 2022. ERCOT has therefore posted the list of the ESI IDs associated with transmission-voltage customers that are Securitization Uplift Charge Opt-Out Entities. The List of ESI IDs Which Are Transmission-Voltage Customer Opt-Outs is available on the ERCOT website page "Subchapter N Uplift Balance Securitization," under the "ERCOT Protocols and NPRRs" section.

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