NOTICE DATE: November 1, 2022

NOTICE TYPE: M-A110122-01 Legal

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Compliance with Submission Requirement in 16 Texas Administrative Code § 25.55 for Declarations of Winter Weather Preparedness

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Resource Entities, Transmission Service Providers

DAYS AFFECTED: November 1, 2022 - December 1, 2022

LONG DESCRIPTION: The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) recently amended 16 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) § 25.55 to establish new weatherization requirements for generators and transmission facilities. Among other things, the rule requires each generation entity (Resource Entity) and Transmission Service Provider (TSP) to submit a declaration to ERCOT before each summer and winter season regarding the specified weatherization activities.

For the Winter 2022-2023 season, ERCOT will use DocuSign to collect Declarations of preparedness. ERCOT will send a DocuSign envelope to each entity’s Authorized Representative, using one DocuSign envelope for all substations and switchyards associated to a TSP and all Resources associated with a Resource Entity. The DocuSign envelope will include links to a template Declaration (a Microsoft Word document) and Appendix A (a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) in each entity’s “Requested Information” folder on the ERCOT Market Information System (MIS) Certified Area. ERCOT will pre-populate the Appendix A with the appropriate Resource(s) or substations/switchyards, as applicable.

Substations/switchyards are associated to TSPs based on the ownership and operatorship of equipment at the site. A substation will be associated to a TSP if any equipment (i.e., a “transmission facility” defined in 16 TAC § 25.55) is owned or operated by the TSP. A single substation/switchyard may require a response from multiple TSPs to cover all the equipment. If a TSP is responsible for another TSP's compliance with Rule 25.55, each affected TSP should describe that assignment in the “Comments” column of Appendix A.   

For Resource Entities, ERCOT will pre-populate Appendix A with the Resource Entity’s individual Resources from ERCOT’s Network Operations Model. For Combined Cycle Trains, each physical Resource (i.e., each GT, ST) will appear on a separate row. For jointly owned units, only the Master Owner Resource Entity designated by the owners will have a row for that Resource. For Intermittent Renewable Resources, each Resource modeled in ERCOT’s Network Operations Model will appear on a separate row.

Each responding entity must fully complete all sections of the Declaration form and Appendix A. Slides from the October 25, 2022 ERCOT Weatherization Workshop describing the requirements for completing the Declaration are posted here:

Each responding entity must print the Declaration, get it signed by the highest-ranking representative, official, or officer with binding authority for the entity, and have it notarized.

Each responding entity must submit two attachments to ERCOT through DocuSign: (1) a completed Declaration document and (2) a completed Appendix A. The DocuSign document can be provided by only one person (but can be forwarded or assigned to someone else within DocuSign). Each entity can submit only one file as the completed Declaration and attach only one Appendix A in DocuSign. However, “Supplemental Documents” may be submitted in DocuSign as needed (DocuSign has a limit of twenty files, 25 MB per file and 100 MB total).

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