NOTICE DATE: November 29, 2022

NOTICE TYPE: W-A111022-02 Operations

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Resource Integration and Ongoing Operations-Integration Services (RIOO-IS) and Resource Integration and On-going Operations-Resource Services (RIOO-RS) December 2022 Release

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Resource Entities

DAYS AFFECTED: December 9, 2022

LONG DESCRIPTION: The December 9, 2022 release for the RIOO system will introduce several new features, as we continue towards replacing the Resource Asset Registration Form (RARF) spreadsheet. 

Project/User type

What changed?


Will have the ability to enter data on-line in the RIOO-IS system instead of submitting RARF spreadsheets for new interconnection requests.


Will have the ability to create new SODG applications in RIOO-IS and be able to modify existing SODGs in RIOO-RS

Note that ERCOT will begin charging the $5,000 interconnection request fee for all new SODGs. Payments will be collected during the SODG creation process within RIOO.

Load Resources

Will have the ability to create new Load Resource applications in RIOO-IS and be able to modify existing LRs in RIOO-RS


Will have access to RIOO-RS


Projects that are currently in the RIOO-IS system will have RARF spreadsheet data populated into RIOO-IS; we ask that Interconnecting Entities (IEs) and Resource Entities (REs) ensure that they have the most recent set of RARF workbooks (General_Site_ESIID, Transmission, and generation specific (plus Load_Resource if BESS) workbooks zipped and attached to their projects by December 2, 2022.

ACTION REQUIRED: IEs and REs ensure that current RARF spreadsheets are attached to INR projects by December 2, 2022.

CONTACT: If you have any questions, please contact your ERCOT Account Manager. You may also call the general ERCOT Client Services phone number at (512) 248-3900 or contact ERCOT Client Services via email at [log in to unmask].

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