Thank you, David. We plan to speak to that on this slide and will consider updating the slides for the meeting.


To your specific questions, I think it’s a mischaracterization to say that the ESR is getting paid to charge.  The reason the ESR is getting paid the adder for its headroom, including the injection side, is because that headroom is providing real-time reserves and those reserves have value.  This same logic applies to a generator that is not dispatched to its full capacity and has headroom available.  I don’t think we would frame it as the generator being paid the adder for not generating.  The generator is being compensated for providing real-time reserves.




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Good morning,

This is a good presentation on the charges and payments to the ESR’s.  I’d like to ask a question now that can be addressed during the meeting Friday.



On slide 17 for example, when the ESR-CLR is being charged for charging on the left half of the graph, is the ESR-GEN getting paid for the headroom?  It appears the note says this is the case. 


* Not shown in this graphic. The ESR-Gen will also capture the headroom payment when the ESR-CLR is charging (if adders present).


Should that be added to complete the picture?  Depending on the size of the adders, the ESR could effectively get paid to charge? 


Looking forward to the discussion on Friday.




David Detelich

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Folks, here is the draft agenda for our meeting this Friday.  Please send a note if there are additional items we need to add by noon tomorrow for official posting on the 11/18 WMWG page:


  1. Antitrust Admonition,
  2. Review of Standing Reports, WMWG Group Discussion
  3. NPRR 1149, Implementation of Systematic Ancillary Service Failed Quantity Charges, ERCOT/Pamela Shaw
  4. Review adder payments to Storage resources, ERCOT/Blake Holt
  5. NPRR 1143, Provide ERCOT Flexibility to Determine When ESRs May Charge During an EEA Level 3, WMWG Discussion, ERCOT/Brandt Vermillion
  6. ESR Operations Issues (telemetry setup, transitions during deployment, Stat of Charge for AS), ERCOT/Nitika Mago
  7. NPRR 1145, Use of State Estimator-Calculated ERCOT-Wide Transmission Loss Factors (TLFs) in Lieu of Seasonal Base Case ERCOT-Wide TLFs for Settlement, ERCOT/Randy Roberts
    1. Review correlation analysis
    2. Review UFE allocation lookback
  1. Other Business


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