NOTICE DATE: January 31, 2023


SHORT DESCRIPTION: Resource Node PLEASANT_RN will be made non-biddable

INTENDED AUDIENCE: All Market Participants

DAYS AFFECTED: February 1, 2023

LONG DESCRIPTION: An Interconnecting Entity (IE) submitted Resource Registration data for inclusion of its distribution level Resource with associated Resource Node (RN) in the Network Operations Model.  ERCOT approved that request and modeled a new RN (PLEASANT_RN) in the FEB_ML1 model.  Subsequently, the IE informed ERCOT that the project would not go forward. As a result of the late notice, PLEASANT_RN will remain in the FEB_ML1 model.  However, to prevent inconsistent Market outcomes, ERCOT will make PLEASANT_RN non-biddable in all Markets starting on February 1, 2023, including Congestion Revenue Rights (CRR), Day-Ahead Market (DAM), and Real-Time Market (RTM). Market submissions will not be allowed on PLEASANT_ RN, which will be removed in a subsequent model load.   

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