NOTICE DATE: January 27, 2023

NOTICE TYPE: M-C012723-01 Operations

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Changes to Unplanned Resource Outage Report

INTENDED AUDIENCE: All Market Participants

DAYS AFFECTED: January 27, 2023 and Ongoing

LONG DESCRIPTION: As reported in Market Notice M-A112822-01, ERCOT began posting a new Unplanned Resource Outages Report(EMIL ID NP1-346-ER | Report Type ID 22912) on December 9, 2022 pursuant to NPRR1097, Create Resource Forced Outage Report.  Since that time, ERCOT has discovered two inconsistencies between the report and the requirements described in Protocol Section, Resource Forced Outage Report.  Effective with today’s posting, ERCOT is correcting the report to address these issues and to introduce two other changes that align with Section

First, ERCOT has determined that Section requires ERCOT to post the report on the third day after each Operating Day.  To date, ERCOT has been posting this report on the fourth day after each Operating Day.  ERCOT has modified its processes to align with the three-day posting requirement in Section  To avoid a gap in reporting Outages that would otherwise occur with this change, ERCOT has posted two reports today: one final report using the four-day look-back, and a new report under the required three-day look-back. 

Second, ERCOT has determined that some of the postings have included information regarding Outages of Settlement Only Generators, while Section addresses only Generation Resource and Energy Storage Resource Outages.  ERCOT has corrected its processes to ensure that only Generation Resource and Energy Storage Resource Outages are included in future postings. 

In addition to addressing the above issues, ERCOT’s updated Unplanned Resource Outage Reports will no longer include information about Outages that ended within the 30-day period before the posting date of the report.  Starting today, these reports will include only those unplanned Outages that began on, or continued into, each Operating Day.  Additionally, for greater clarity, ERCOT is removing the ‘Return to Service Date’ column and replacing it with two new columns, ‘Actual End Date’ and ‘Planned End Date.'

ERCOT’s Unplanned Resource Outage Reports can be accessed on the ERCOT website at this link.

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