NOTICE DATE:  November 28, 2023

NOTICE TYPE:  M-B110823-02 CRR

SHORT DESCRIPTION:  Implementation of SCR807 and SCR816

INTENDED AUDIENCE:  CRR Account Holders and Counter-Parties

DAY AFFECTED:  December 8, 2023

LONG DESCRIPTION:  ERCOT will implement System Change Request (SCR) 807, Increase CRR Transaction Capability, and SCR816, CRR Auction Bid Credit Enhancement, on December 8, 2023.

SCR807 was approved by the ERCOT Board on June 9, 2020. This change increases the total Congestion Revenue Right (CRR) transaction limit to 400,000 Market transactions for CRR Account Holders during CRR Auctions. The implementation of SCR807 will also improve the Market closing messages posted in the Market User Interface (MUI) for CRR Account Holders and Counter-Parties to align with Nodal Protocol Revision Request (NPRR) 972 Enhancing Existing CRR Transaction Limit Process.

SCR816, CRR Auction Bid Credit Enhancement, was approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) on March 31, 2022. This change releases locked auction credit one day earlier than it is currently released. After implementation, locked auction credit will be released on the day that auction results are posted, instead of being released on the day that auction invoices are posted. The attached updated CRR Activity Calendar will be posted to the ERCOT website following implementation on December 8, 2023. The 2024.JAN.Monthly.Auction will be the first auction to release locked auction credit on the day auction results are posted.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  SCR807 and SCR816 and associated documents can be found on the ERCOT website.

CONTACT:  If you have any questions, please contact your ERCOT Account Manager. You may also call the general ERCOT Client Services phone number at (512) 248-3900 or contact ERCOT Client Services via email at [log in to unmask].

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