NOTICE DATE: March 4, 2024

NOTICE TYPE: M-C030424-01 Operations

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Price Impact Analysis - Incorrect Security-Constrained Economic Dispatch (SCED) Qualification Status for Controllable Load Resource Impacted the Real-Time Market (RTM)

INTENDED AUDIENCE: All Market Participants

DAYS AFFECTED: February 25, 2024

LONG DESCRIPTION: On February 26, 2024, ERCOT became aware of a Controllable Load Resource that was incorrectly identified in ERCOT systems as not being qualified for dispatch by SCED. This issue only affected Operating Day February 25, 2024.  This incorrect qualification status resulted in the Resource not being considered for dispatch by SCED, thus impacting dispatch in the RTM prices and the associated prices for some portion of this Operating Day.

ERCOT was unable to meet the deadline for performing a price correction before prices became final at 4:00PM on February 27, 2024.  

Further analysis was performed, and it was found that the impact to the RTM did not meet the significance criteria for bringing prices to the ERCOT Board of Directors (Board) for review.  The criteria, set forth in Protocol section 6.3(7)(b), states that ERCOT shall ask the Board to review prices if the absolute value impact to any single Counter-Party is greater than:

(i) 2% and also greater than $20,000; or
(ii) 20% and also greater than $2,000.

Of the Counter-Parties with an impact over 2%, the largest absolute dollar impact was approximately $15,525. 

There were no Counter-Parties with an impact over 20%.

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